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In the summer of 2018, countries in the Northern Hemisphere were hit by an unusual surge of heatwave. Temperatures rose to an all-time high; in fact, Arctic Circle, the stronghold of sleet, hail and glacier, recorded an eye-opening temperature of 32 degrees high, a testament to how critical the state of global warming is. Global Footprint Network (GFN) reported that Earth Overshoot Day – the point in a year at which our demand for natural resources exceeds what the planet can renew – occurred on August 1, just seven months into 2018. What we know now is that many businesses and governments are not adequately prepared for climate impacts, nor are they using natural resources efficiently.

The Earth is suffering from the impacts of global warming and climate change. Natural disasters such as massive floods, unbearable temperatures, torrential rain and freak storms become a constant source of worry for conservationists. As a response to these calamities, Dato’ Jeff Choong Yong Pang, the Founder of The Green Corporation (TGC), is working hard to establish a unique eco protection business model to help minimize the impact of global warming.

Dato’ Jeff Choong is committed and motivated in his action and decisions to protect the environment. He upholds the principles of sustainable ecological development and advocate the protection and preservation of nature. As a result, The Green Valley (TGVY) is the brainchild of Dato’ Jeff Choong and it is dubbed as the next frontier in naturally-infused environmentally friendly development. TGVY has a strong focus on sustainable development, as it actively protects its natural surroundings and maintains a healthy ecological cycle by merging environmental and economic concerns into a beautiful fusion. TGVY is an ecological park that integrates durian planting, bee breeding and swallow rearing in one beautiful natural area.

Durian Planting

King of Fruits

The world famous Musang King durian (Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China Registration Number: D197) is originated from the Malaysian state of Kelantan. Its moniker is derived from a place in Kelantan called Gua Musang. Musang King durian is comparatively similar in size as a pineapple. The flesh is mushy and sports a gorgeous shade of gold. It is slightly oval in shape like a rugby ball and has a star-like pattern at the bottom. A unique and delicate species, Musang King should only be harvested when it reaches maturity. Immature harvesting will affect quality of harvest in the upcoming year. Musang King durian has thick, golden-yellow flesh that tastes sweet with just a hint of bitterness in it and the texture is custard-like and extremely creamy.

Durian Cultivation

TGVY incorporates the world’s best durian stem grafting technology to cultivate and enhance the quality of Musang King harvest. True to its calling to protect the environment, TGVY ensures trees are under special protection technology using only natural resources, a method which minimizes harm to the environment. Thus far, TGVY has successfully cultivated over 20,000 Musang King durian trees.

All durian seedlings are screened by TGVY team to uphold the high standard of quality set. Every step of cultivation from seed selection, sowing, germination, polybag transplant, to planting is done in a careful manner using unique organic fertilizers and taking appropriate measures to control the number of pests to reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases.

Commercial Value

Planting period usually spans 5 years and trees usually mature and ready for harvest at the 7th year. In the 43 years that follow, the trees will be a steady source of income.

A durian tree, which has grown for 10 years, is able to produce an average of 100 durians in the first quarter at a price of USD 10 per kg. The older the tree (Lifespan: 50 to 100 years) the more number of fruits it can bore.

Today, China’s durian boom extends to the virtual world of online stores. According to Chinese media reports, more than 21,7000 durian and durian products have been sold on Taobao alone. Among them are durian paste, frozen dried durian, durian flavoured instant coffee and various durian pastries, creating a new era for durian-based economy.

Durian Cultivation Development Report

  • 09.2018


    Successfully Germinate Seedlings

    Successfully Cultivated 100 Musang King Durians

  • 11.2018


    Transplanting the Cultivated 100 Musang King Durians

  • 12.2018


    Successful Planting of 100 Musang King Durians and Implemented QR Scanning System

  • 01.2019


    Irrigation System Installation and Durian Cultivation Planning

Bee Breeding

Beekeeping can promote pollination process of durian tree, which greatly reduces the cost of durian planting.

Manual beekeeping can help promote better quality honey.

TGVY strives to offer highest quality honey. We put beehives under the shade of the tree, close to source of clean water, and ensure beekeeping racks are at around 50 to 80 cm in height to prevent rain water from entering.

Every year from April to May, more than 80% of the queen bee colonies are replaced with a new batch of queen bees to minimize spawning issues.

TGVY offers a conducive environment with plenty of flowering plants, suitable conditions, year-long sunlight that contributes to efficient nectar collection.

Stingless Bee Honey (Kelulut) has a distinctive taste – a mix of sweet and sour. Rich with beneficial enzymes, it promotes active cell metabolism in human body and has positive effects on cancer cells and helps promote better skin and appearance.

Gastric sufferers can also opt for stingless bee propolis to improve their condition. Add stingless bee propolis, pollen and honey into warm water (80 degrees Celsius).

Italian Honey is known as natural antibiotic with beauty and anti-cancer effects.

Honey is sweet and smooth, and it is effective in treating abdominal pain, dry cough and constipation. In addition, honey also contains various vitamins, minerals and amino acids, while a kilogram of honey contains 2940 calories.

Bee Breeding Development Report

  • 26.06.2018


    The team set up one nest box for Stingless Bee and two for Italian Bee.

  • 05.07.2018


    Successfully collected about 1 kg of Italian honey and 300 ml of Stingless Bee honey.



    Added 5 boxes of Stingless bees and Italian bees.



    Successfully collected 2 kg of Italian honey and 500 ml of Stingless Bee honey.



    Two colonies of Italian bee were unable to return to their nest, and some attempted to break into the remaining three nest boxes, resulting in a significant reduction of bee population.

    Solution: Move the 5 nest boxes to the left in an attempt to direct the bee colonies back into their respective box.

  • 09.08.2018


    The bee colony is familiar with the route and has successfully collected about 1.5 kg of Italian honey. During this period, the number of bees in the community was greatly reduced due to the loss of the queen bee in one of the boxes. The remaining 4 boxes of honeycomb collect about 1.6 kg of Italian honey. Successfully set up a Honey Pavilion at the Karak Temerloh Plantation.

  • 02.09.2018


    The bee colony made their way back to the nest and 1.5 kg of Italian honey was collected.

Swallow Breeding

The Green Valley is established close to lakes to not only support healthy durian growth but also to offer an important food source and a suitable environment for swallows to inhabit.

Flowering and fruits plants will attract a large number of insects, which are the best food for swallows.

Lawn planting also eliminates the use of herbicides, and the security team in durian plantation reduces the threat of theft and people traffic, which support healthy growth of swallows.

As long as a proper a swiftlet and a suitable environment for swallows are achieved, a steady stream of bird’s nest can be expected.

The total investment of TGVY project is RM 50 million. It is located in Sungai Buaya, Selangor. With the support and approval of the Malaysian government, project is developed in response to the 10th Malaysia Plan.

Harvested bird’s nest will go through various processes including steaming, soaking, cleaning, drying before they can be made into final products.

In 3 to 5 years, a swiftlet can achieve an annual output of bird's nest exceeding 100 kg. The swiftlet has been professionally managed, with a cumulative return on investment of 140% in the first four years and an annual return of 105% in the fifth year.

Bird\'s nest is known for its health and beauty benefits. It can smoothen the signs of aging, and also improve the function of lungs. Bird\’s nest is also believed to speed up recovery and relieve night sweats and frequent urination due to energy deficiency. Bird\'s nest nourishes Yin energy in the lungs, resolves phlegm and relieves coughing.

Bird’s nest also has nourishing properties and is generally regarded as safe for mothers-to-be to consume during pregnancy and postpartum period.

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